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Assault & Battery

Assault and Battery are two totally separate crimes, even though they are often paired together. Due to these terms being used synonymously, these crimes are typically misunderstood by the general public. Each crime has a different set of rules and distinctions that clearly define what happens in an alleged assault, battery or a combination of the two.

Assault is considered to be when a person is threatened with some form of bodily by any other persons who clearly has the ability to carry out and follow through on the threat. Physical contact is not involved, and is one of the clear distinctions between a battery crime.

Battery happens when a person or persons are subject to the use of force that results in harmful, offensive, sexual or physical contact, and can carry various penalties depending on the severity of the incident.


In the United States, burglary is considered when a crime of breaking and entering happens with an intent to commit a crime. Theft is typically the crime in most burglary cases, though it is entirely possible for a person to break and enter while having the intent to commit a different type of crime than theft.

When anyone breaks the legal barriers imposed between a public space and a private space, they are commiting burglary. This extends beyond just physically breaking into something. A person who simply enters a building without the consent of whomever owns the building, can be charged with burglary.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

A Driving Under the Influence arrest is a nerve wracking experience, and usually happens when an individual is least expecting it. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping those arrested for Driving Under the Influence.

If you are facing recent charges for DUI, you will need to take immediate action and find the right San Jose Criminal Defense lawyer to fight for you. Our attorneys will inform you of your rights, educate you on the California statues regarding Driving Under the Influence, and will help you understand the penalties associated with these drunk driving charges.

Drug Crimes

Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney should be your top priority if you or someone you know are facing drug crime charges in San Jose, or the surrounding areas. Protecting your rights, future, and freedom, by placing your case in the trusted hand of our proven legal team.

Depending on the actual offense itself, the penalties for drug crimes vary based on the amount of and type of drug or drugs involved. Defending any drug crime charges require a persistent, dedicated and aggressive attorney with an extensive understanding of California case law and legislation that invovle the various types of drug charges.

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